Cat Tips

In this section you will find lots of helpful and simple tips for owning pet cats.

Cats like and need high spaces

Cats love to be high up so they can see down over the entire area. It makes them feel safe and is a natural instinct for them to seek out these high spots. You need to provide your cat designated areas where they are allowed to be up as high as the room allows. If you have problems with your cat always jumping up onto things you don’t want them to be on top of, then this is usually a sign that you haven’t given them a space of their own. If you simply designate them their own safe area, they will become much happier and less troublesome.

Cat Trees are great for this, and for a smaller option you can install special Cat Shelves made just for cats to climb up and lay on. There are also cat trees that are designed to attach to the back of any door, such as the SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber. Another good option that is cheaper than the shelves is a Window Kitty Sill.

How to keep your cat inside a fenced area

If you like to let your cat outside on the porch or backyard, but want to keep the cat from leaving the area, a fence can be constructed with a border around the top. The border will consist of a board facing in, slanted forward at a 45 degree angle, so that when the cat looks up, the border blocks his view above. This will prevent the cat from trying to jump up, as they cannot assess the situation correctly.

Cats are in a playful mood when their tail is erect. When a cat’s tail is sticking straight up, they are in a playful, energetic mood. You should give them some play or they may start to act up. When the cat has had enough play, its tail may start to flap around forcefully- this is a sign they are starting to get a bit annoyed or over-stimulated.