ABCs of Dog Training

Even though this website is primarily dedicated to information regarding your dog’s health concerns, having a well-behaved and well-balanced dog is certainly a paramount component in your dog’s overall health and stability.

Just like people, if your dog is feeling secure, loved, appreciated and accepted into its pack, its behavior will definitely reflect that.  And, again like we do as people, we have to raise our children with rules, boundaries and limitations (as Cesar Milan tells us in practically every show of “The Dog Whisperer”), so do we have to apply these restrictions on our dogs for them to be balanced in their sociability with its world.

We wouldn’t ignore teaching our children how to have good manners around us and others, and we wouldn’t ignore training them and praising them in their steps of growing up.

This same attitude must prevail as we raise our puppies or even adult dogs that join us in our family pack of whatever age.

In this section of our dog-dedicated website, we will introduce to you several articles and products from which you can choose according to your personality and preferences that will train you as the dog owner in the ways to train your dog.  Did you get that?  It starts with us.

You may have experienced, as I have on more than one occasion, that training a dog begins with the training of the owners.  It is the people part of the equation that is oftentimes skewed which wreaks havoc with the successful integration of a dog into our homes.  The dogs would do fine if we weren’t so ignorant in understanding our new family member and its needs and wants.

As much as we love our dogs as if they are our little children, they are really not children!  Maybe no one has told you that before, but the sooner we realize that fact, we can get on our way to learning how a human communicates its requirements of the dog to meld into our family life and home.

Our dog friends are more than happy to oblige us and make us pleased with their performance and understanding.  We just have to learn how to convey to them what it is we want them to do.

So, let’s get started with our education first by taking a look at the following pages of information and products.  Most of all, enjoy the journey ahead of joyfully working with your dog in all sorts of training sessions that will build a beautiful bond between you.